In 1999, it was launched one of the first online legal cinema platforms in the world, when Netflix was still renting DVD’s, and before YouTube or Vimeo even existed.
We had to deal with uncertainty, high costs of bandwidth and lack of knowledge of those early times by the producers that were difficult to convince to upload even their out of catalog content into our service. Only a few trusted us then.

Many trips, many conferences were given in order to spread the word of the necessity of a legal online service like the one offered by

In 2002, we participated in the first simultaneous premiere of a movie on theaters, online and on the videoclubs. It was a challenge to do it in those times, when exhibition windows were very strict. In January 2005 we had a relaunch of the web, with a full redesign.

In 2008 we decided to sell the domain and cease the activity of the company. Other platforms born after us, were more patient, and now are being very successful.