In 1997, next to the talented developer Tomàs Castelló of Wavetek, we had one of the first e-commerce solutions to automatically build a shop in your website, before Shopify or Magento even existed.
In order to test the application, we created REG2.net, a website selling region 2 DVD’s around Europe, in a time when VHS and Betamax tapes still ruled the earth, and we had to deal with the multiple coins in Europe:
peseta – Spain,
franc – France, Belgium, Switzerland,
mark – Germany,
florin – The Netherlands,
escudo – Portugal,
lira – Italy,
dracma – Greece,
our solution, incorporated a secure payment platform in accordance with a bank, so all transactions were secure, and multi-coin exchange was updated in real time.
In a few months, we managed to become #2 best seller of DVD’s in Spain.